The following are a selected group of climate-related links that I think are interesting.  It is by no means a comprehensive list.  For a big list of climate-related links, visit Climate Ark’s Links page.

How to respond to deniers

  1. 1.Grist’s How to Talk to a Climate SkepticAn excellent, comprehensive set of responses to most of the skeptic’s claims.  It is also sorted by various categories, such as “Stages of Denial”.  Highly recommended.

  2. 2.Real Climate’s Responses to Common Contrarian ArgumentsAn accessible part of the Real Climate site that rebukes the myths that climate change deniers use.  A good place to go if a friend or relative is telling you that people do not cause climate change.

  3. 3.New Scientist’s Climate Change: A Guide for the PerplexedSimilar to (2) above but a bit easier to understand.

  4. 4.MetOffice (UK) Climate Change - The Big PictureBasic facts about climate change.  Debunks some basic myths.  Easy to understand.

  5. 5.Skeptical Science.  A great site that goes into detail debunking climate change deniers.

  6. 6.My Own Talking Points.  Focuses on some more recent denier claims such as “It’s snowing so there can’t be climate change!”

  7. 7.Exchange with Deniers. A discussion thread from the LinkedIn Stanford Engineering group where I respond to the claims of some deniers and skeptics.

My Writings

  1. 1. A Very Inconvenient Truth. I co-authored a peer-reviewed paper that was published in the journal Oceanography in March, 2010.  The paper concludes that it is already too late to avoid dangerous climate change by only reducing CO2 emissions (which we’re not doing anyway) and therefore, we need to increase research into geo-engineering.

  2. 2. The Space Shuttle Challenger and Climate ChangeA Op-Ed I posted on the Huffington Post that discusses how the thinking that caused the Challenger disaster is similar to climate change denial.

  3. 3. Climate change will be much worse than you thinkAn overview article on DailyKos which is similar to the summary section of this web site.

  4. 4. Scariest global warming graph I've ever seenDailyKos article that focuses on the MIT study discussed in my talk and on this site.

  5. 5. Climate Change and Car CrashesDailyKos article about the car crash analogy I use in the talk.

  6. 6. Can CO2 warm the Earth if it's only 0.04% of the air?  A DailyKos article introducing my YouTube CO2-Ink demonstration.

  7. 7. Already Too Late to Avoid Catastrophe by Only Reducing CO2 EmissionsA DailyKos article introducing the Oceanography paper mentioned above.

  8. 8. DotEarth Post: My Response to Criticisms of Jim Hansen’s New York Times Op-Ed.  Andy Revkin posted my defense of Jim Hansen’s Op-Ed statements.  I posted it on my site to make it easier to access.

Other Links

  1. 1. Climate Progress.  One of the best blogs on climate change.  Highly recommended.

  2. 2. Real Climate.  A discussion site for climate researchers.  Not for everyone, but if you enjoy digging into the details you will think this is a valuable site.

  3. 3. ApocaDocs“Humoring the horror of environmental collapse.”  A  funny approach to presenting clips of real, deadly serious news items.

  4. 4. Ecoshock Radio.  A radio show and podcast that tells it like it is.  A no-holds-bared discussion of the situation we have put ourselves in.  Highly recommended.

  5. 5. SolveClimate.  Daily climate news and analysis.

  6. 6. Climate Ark“Climate change and global warming portal.”  News feed, links, and climate change search.

  7. 7. The Unchained GoddessShort film made in 1958 by Frank Capra that highlights the dangers of climate change!  Amazing.  Highly Recommended.

  8. 8. Global Warming Art.  Lots of “open source” pictures, graphs, and maps related to climate change.

  9. 9.  Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes.  A free book (pdf) by Andy Goodman telling you how to improve your presentations.  Highly recommended.  Andy was a trainer at Al Gore’s Climate Project training sessions.

  10. 10.  Copenhagen Climate Council.  A group of leading scientists and business leaders working to create awareness of the importance of addressing climate change.

  11. 11.  COP15.  The meeting that took place in December 2009 in Copenhagen to try to agree on the follow on to the Kyoto Protocol.

  12. 12.  Chabot Space and Science Center.  A science center in Oakland, California that is developing a kid/family-oriented climate change exhibit and web resources that features Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  13. 13.  Methane from the Arctic: Global Warming Wildcard.  A UN report about possible methane releases in the Arctic due to both melting permafrost and methane hydrates.

  14. 14.  MIT Report: Probabilistic Forecast for 21st Century  Climate Based on Uncertainties in Emissions  (without Policy) and Climate Parameters.  Contains the scariest global warming graph I’ve ever seen

  15. 15.  The Ingenious Ways We Avoid Believing in Climate Change.  Excellent lecture by George Marshall, Climate Outreach Information Network.  Slides are here.  I use some of George’s information about the psychology of climate change in my talk. Highly recommended.

  16. 16.  Heating up the Earth with Global Warming & How to Stop It.  A nice narrative about global warming suggested to me by a Keith, a sixth grader in Ms. King’s class.